Pak Wedding Turns Wrestling Arena After Man Flips Guest’s Hat

Pak Wedding Turns Wrestling Arena After Man Flips Guest’s Hat

The scene turns violent and the guests start hitting each other

In a bizarre incident, a massive fight broke out during a Pakistani wedding function. The incident took place on August 24, 2023. A video which is currently going viral on X, formerly Twitter, shows men throwing chairs at each other.

The six-minute-long video starts with wedding attendees seated at tables, enjoying their dinner. A white cloth partition separates the men’s and women’s seating arrangement. Further in the video, a man approaches a table and flips a guest’s hat. Moments later, the scene turns violent and they start hitting each other and more people get involved in the fight. Soon, they start hitting each other with chairs. Women also try in vain to break up the fight. The white partition is torn apart.

NDTV, however, cannot verify the authenticity of the video.

See the video here:

Since being posted, the video has gathered over 333,000 views on X.

Commenting on the video, a person wrote, “I get pissed off too if I don’t get adequate meat pieces LOL.”

Another user commented, “I think they were just not happy with women folks sitting on the other side. Notice how they all moved to the other side.”

The third user wrote, “Feel for the bride & groom – their big day ruined. Thousands spent no doubt and this happens!”

“To much action going on. I need a bigger screen man,” the fourth user wrote.

The fifth user wrote, “Was the butter chicken not up to standard?”

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