Try this hydrating beverage to keep your child hydrated | Parenting News

Try this hydrating beverage to keep your child hydrated | Parenting News

As the humidity peaks during monsoons, there is a need to stay hydrated, especially young children. While water is an obvious choice, natural foods also have an ability to cool down the body. As such, child nutritionist Mona Narula took to Instagram to suggest an age-old remedy to beat the heat.

Narula said that khus sharbat, made from dried khus roots, have several health benefits for children. “An excellent source of fibre, it is rich in vitamins A, B, C and minerals like zinc, iron, calcium, manganese along with antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids.”

According to her, as a result of these antioxidants, it helps boost metabolism, strengthens bones, is great for gut health, heart functions and the nervous system among many other benefits.

“The hot weather welcomes various healthy and refreshing drinks and one such drink is khus sharbat. Not only is this beverage a great drink to quench the thirst but it is also very nourishing,” said registered dietitian Garima Goyal.

Agreeing to this Anupama Menon, nutritionist and food coach, said that the presence of iron ensures that it helps increase energy levels instantaneously. “It also increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and improves circulation. It helps children with their energy levels and is important to develop focus,” she said.

Manisha Chopra, nutritionist, dietitian and fitness expert shared that khus sharbat that gets its distinct green colour from the roots, is a diuretic with cooling qualities, making it a hydrating beverage.

“Eye-related diseases are treated by khus, a nutrient-dense food that is also high in zinc. It is supposed to treat eye allergies and the side effects that come with them,” she told

Concurring, Goyal said, “Khus is a great source of zinc which helps to keep the eyes in good health and keeps eye allergies at bay. It also improves the redness in eyes caused by the scorching heat.”

khus Khus sharbat keeps you well hydrated if you consume it on a scorching summer heat day (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

The experts also said that khus sharbat strengthens protection against free radicals and increases immunity.

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How much is too much?

Urging to be being mindful of sugar content in commercial products of khus sharbat, which is 50-60 g/100 ml, a serving size of 10-15 ml is preferred, Menon shared. She also recommended khus for children 2-3 times/week (i.e., 45-50 ml/week).

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